WWF Applauds Climate Savers: Multinationals Cut 100 Million Tonnes of Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse GasesIt’s easy for us to get caught up in the doom-and-gloom media coverage and activism about climate change, carbon footprints, and the damage that continues to be done to  Mother Earth.

Not withstanding the debate that continues regarding appropriate responses to environmental changes, it is important that we celebrate success when it happens.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) this week released the results of a review conducted by the international energy consultancy Ecofys that has specific focus on the WWF’s Climate Savers Program. It shows that some big corporations have made big progress in reducing carbon emissions from operations.

We can be confident that a significant proportion of these savings have been gleaned from the supply chains of these companies.

So the companies named should give themselves a big pat on the back, and keep up the great work. From the WWF web site, dated May 9, 2012:

Corporate members of WWF’s Climate Savers programme cut their carbon dioxide emissions by more than 100 million tonnes over the period 1999 to 2011, according to an independent review of the programme released today. The figure is equivalent to double the current annual emissions of Switzerland.

The review, conducted by the international energy consultancy Ecofys, also finds that as Climate Savers companies continue to deliver on their commitments up to 2020, overall emissions savings since 1999 could exceed 350 million tonnes. This is roughly equivalent to the current annual emissions of Spain.

Current Climate Savers members include Alpro, Arjowiggins Graphic, Catalyst, The Coca-Cola Company, Collins Companies, Diversey, Elopak, Eneco, Fairmont, HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, KPN, Lafarge, National Geographic, Natura, Nike, Nokia Siemens Networks, Novo Nordisk, Resolute Forest Products, Sofidel, Sprint, Tetra Pak, Sagawa, Sony, Supervalu and Volvo. Commitments by former members Nokia, Polaroid and Spitsbergen were also included in the analysis.

“The leadership shown by Climate Savers confirms that companies in diverse sectors can do good business and take a bite out of climate change,” says Alexander Quarles van Ufford, Senior Partnerships Manager at WWF International. “Resource efficiency and the goal of a low-carbon economy have to become part of the corporate DNA, particularly given high fuel and commodity prices.”

Read more of this article, and about the WWF’s Climate Savers Program by clicking here….

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