Glossary – Supply Chain Acronyms – 2nd Edition

Supply Chain Management practitioners are famous for using acronyms. In an effort to demystify our language, Supply Chain Almanac has developed the following Glossary. It contains over 600 abbreviations that are relevant to those who work in and around the Supply Chain.

This is our Second Edition, new and revised with dozens of new acronyms added since our first version published in May 2012.

Acronyms Supply ChainIf our readers have any comments or additions to suggest, please see our contact page and send a note to us. We will be happy to consider your submissions. We hope that this glossary will be useful to you, and that you will return occasionally.

An effort has been made to identify the primary “source” of each abbreviation. Of course, these abbreviations often cross functional borders: A/P, for example, is predominantly an Accounting term, but is used ubiquitously in Operations, Logistics, Management, and Commerce.

Here is a hint to help search: The acronyms are in alphabetical order. But if you want to jump quickly to an acronym, press the “CTRL” key and the “F” key simultaneously on your keyboard. You should see a little pop-up box appear into which you can type your acronym. You will be taken directly to where you want to go!

Acronym Definition Source
3BL Triple Bottom Line Green
3PL Third Party Logistics Logistics
3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Green
4 P’s Product, Price, Placement, Promotion Marketing
4G Fourth Generation of Cellular Wireless Standards Marketing
4 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover Green
5S Sort, Simplify, Scrub, Standardize, and Sustain (Japan,Toyota) Operations
5 W’s Asking “Why” Five Times Operations
80/20 Pareto Analysis, The 80/20 Rule, ABC Contribution Analysis Operations
A/P Accounts Payable Accounting
A/R Accounts Receivable Accounting
AAFA American Apparel and Footwear Association Associations
AAR Association of American Railroads Logistics
ABB Activity-Based Budgeting Operations
ABC Pareto or 80/20 Analysis / Contribution Analysis Quality
ABC Activity-Based Costing Accounting
ABM Activity-Based Management Management
ABP Activity-Based Planning Management
ADC Automated Data Collection Information Technology
ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Management
AEO Authorized Economic Operator Program (EU) Operations
AES Automated Export System (USA) Logistics
AGVS Automated Guided Vehicle System Logistics
AI Artificial Intelligence Information Technology
AIAC Aerospace Industries Association ofCanada Associations
AIDC Automatic Identification and Data Capture Operations
AME Association of Manufacturing Excellence Associations
ANOVA Analysis of Variance (Statistics) Operations
ANSI American National Standards Institute Agencies
AOA Activity-on-arrow-network Operations
AON Activity-on-node-network Operations
AOQ Average Outgoing Quality Operations
AP Accounts Payable Accounting
API American Petroleum Institute Associations
APICS American Production and Inventory Control Society (The Association for Operations Management) Associations
APMA Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association ofCanada Associations
APP Aggregate Production Plan Operations
APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling Operations
AQL Acceptable Quality Level Operations
AR Accounts Receivable Accounting
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange Information Technology
AS/RS Automated Storage and Retrieval System Logistics
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations International Trade
ASN Advance Shipment Notification Logistics
ASP Application Service Provider Information Technology
ASQ American Society for Quality Agencies
AST&L American Society of Transportation & Logistics Associations
ATAC Air Transport Association ofCanada Associations
ATO Assemble to Order Operations
ATP Available to Promise Operations
AU AfricanUnion International Trade
AWB Airway Bill of Lading or Air Waybill Logistics
B/L Bill of Lading Logistics
B2B Business to Business Commerce
B2C Business to Consumer Commerce
B7 Seven Basic Tools of Quality Operations
BESt Building Environmental Standards (with BOMA) Green
BEST Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BC) Green
BI Business Intelligence Commerce
BIP Border Inspection Post (UK) International Trade
BLP Bonded Logistics Parks Logistics
BOK Body of Knowledge Management
BOM Bill of Material Operations
BOMA Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (see also BESt) Green
BPM Business Process Management Management
BPR Business Process Reengineering Management
BRIC Brazil,Russia,India,ChinaEconomics International Trade
BSC Balanced Scorecard Management
BVP British Visitor Permit (UK) International Trade
CA Chartered Accountant Professional Designation
CAD Computer Aided Design Logistics
CAE Computer Aided Engineering Operations
CAFTA Central American Free Trade Agreement International Trade
CAID Computer Aided Inspection and Test Operations
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing Operations
CAPIC Canadian Association for Production and Inventory Control (obsolete – now APICS) Associations
CARAC Canadian Aviation Regulations Advisory Council Associations
CARICOM CaribbeanCommunity International Trade
CASE Computer Assisted Software Engineering Information Technology
CAW Canadian Auto WorkersUnion Associations
CBP Customs and Border Protection (USA) International Trade
CBSA Canadian Border Services Agency International Trade
CCR Capacity Constrained Resource Operations
CCS Carbon Capture and Storage Green
CDW Customer Data Warehouse Information Technology
CDDP Certified Demand Driven Planner (ISCEA Certification) Professional Designation
CE Concurrent Engineering Operations
CED Common Entry Document (UK) International Trade
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement International Trade
CEO Chief Executive Officer Management
CEP Cost Equalization Point Operations
CETA Canadian-European Comprehensive Economics and Trade Agreement International Trade
CFO Chief Financial Officer Management
CFPIM Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management Professional Certification
CFA Certified Financial Analyst Professional Designation
CFR Cost and Freight (Incoterms) International Trade
CGA Certified General Accountant Professional Designation
CGBC CanadianGreenBuildingCouncil Green
CI Continuous Improvement Operations
CIF Cost Including Freight (Incoterms) International Trade
CIO Chief Information Officer Management
CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid (Incoterms) International Trade
CIRM Certified in Integrated Resource Management (APICS) Professional Designation
CISG Contracts for the InternationalSaleof Goods International Trade
CITA Canadian Industrial Transportation Association Associations
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (of the United Nations Environment Program) International Trade
CITT Canadian Institute for Traffic and Transportation Professional Designation
CL Car Load Logistics
CMA Certified Managerial Accountant Professional Designation
COD Cash On Delivery Accounting
COFC Container on a Flat Car Logistics
COO Chief Operating Officer Management
COGS Cost of Goods Sold Accounting
COTD Complete and On Time Delivery Logistics
CPA Certified Public Accountant Professional Designation
CPC Canadian Pallet Council Logistics
CPC Collaborative Product Commerce Commerce
CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment Operations
CPI Consumer Price Index Commerce
CPI Continuous Process Improvement Operations
CPIM Certified in Production and Inventory Management (APICS) Professional Designation
CPM Critical Path Method (Project Management) Operations
CPM Certified Purchasing Manager (ISM – now in re-certification only status, replaced by CPSM) Professional Designation
CPO Chief Procurement Officer Management
CPOF Capacity Planning Using Overall Factors Operations
CPP Certified Purchasing Professional (Canada) Professional Designation
CPP Collaboration Protocol Profile Information Technology
CPSM Certified Professional in Supply Management (ISM Designation) Professional Designation
CPT Carriage Paid To (Incoterms) International Trade
CPU Central Processing Unit Information Technology
CR Continuous Replenishment Operations
CRM Customer Relationship Management Operations
CRM Central Receiving and Marking Logistics
CRP Capacity Requirements Planning Operations
CSCP Certified Supply Chain Professional (APICS) Professional Designation
CSR Customer Service Representative Operations
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability
CSCMP Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Associations
CSCMP Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (OI PMAC –Canada) Professional Designation
CSCSC Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council Associations
CTM Collaborative Transportation Management Logistics
CTP Capable to Promise Operations
C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (USA) International Trade
CTQ Critical to Quality Operations
CTX Consortia Trade Exchanges Commerce
CVD Coefficient Variation of Demand Operations
CVED Common Veterinary Entry Document (UK) International Trade
CWT Abbreviation for “Hundredweight” Logistics
DAF Delivered at Frontier (Incoterms) International Trade
DAP Delivered at Place (Incoterms) International Trade
DAT Delivered at Place (Incoterms) International Trade
DBMS Data Base Management System Information Technology
DBR Drum-Buffer-Rope Operations
DC DistributionCenter Logistics
DDI Demand Driven Institute Operations
DDMRP Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning Operations
DDP Delivered Duty Paid (Incoterms) International Trade
DDP Distributed Data Processing Information Technology
DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid (Incoterms) International Trade
DEQ Delivered ex. Quay (Incoterms) International Trade
DES Delivered ex. Ship (Incoterms) International Trade
DFA Design for Assembly Operations
DFE Design for Environment Operations
DFL Design for Logistics Operations
DFM Design for Manufacturing Operations
DFMA Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Operations
DFX Design for Everything Operations
DG Dangerous Goods Logistics
DHS Department of Homeland Security International Trade
DI Distributor Integration Logistics
DMADV Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify (Six Sigma) Operations
DMAIC Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (Six Sigma) Operations
DNS Domain Name Service Information Technology
DOD Department of Defence (USA) International Trade
DOE Design of Experiments Operations
DOS Disc Operating System Information Technology
DOT Department of Transportation (USA) Agencies
DRP Distribution Requirements Planning Operations
DRP II Distribution Resource Planning Operations
DSD Direct to Store Delivery Logistics
DSS Decision Support System Information Technology
DTF Demand Time Fence Operations
DTO Design to Order Operations
EAI EnterpriseApplication Integration Information Technology
EAN European Article Numbering Operations
EAP Employee Assistance Program Management
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization Accounting
ECR Efficient Consumer Response Operations
ECS Export Control System International Trade
EDI Electronic Data Interchange Information Technology
EDIFACT EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport (UN) International Trade
EDLP Every Day Low Prices (Retail) Management
EDT Electronic Data Transfer Information Technology
EEC European Economic Community International Trade
EEI Electronic Export Information Information Technology
EF Early Finish Date (Project Management) Operations
EFP ExportFirearmsPass(UK) International Trade
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer Information Technology
EFTA European Free Trade Association International Trade
EHS Environment, Health and Safety (USA) Agencies
EI Employee Involvement Management
EI Employment Insurance (Canada) Management
EIPP Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Accounting
EMA EnterpriseMarketing Automation Information Technology
EMS Environmental Management System Green
EMS Emergency Medical Services Operations
EOBR Electronic On Board Recorder Logistics
EOQ Economic Order Quantity Operations
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (USA) Agencies
EPC Electronic Product Code Operations
EPQ Economic Production Quantity Operations
EPC Electronic Product Code Operations
EPZ Export Processing Zone International Trade
ERM EnterpriseResource Management Operations
ERP EnterpriseResource Planning Operations
ES Early Start Date (Project Management) Operations
ESI Early Supplier Involvement Operations
ETC Export Trading Company International Trade
ETO Engineer to Order Operations
EU European Union International Trade
EurAsEC Eurasian Economic Community International Trade
EVP Employee Value Proposition Management
EVP Executive Vice President Management
EXW Ex Works (Incoterms) International Trade
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA) Agencies
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Management
FAS Free Alongside Ship (Incoterms) International Trade
FAS Final Assembly Scheduling Operations
FCA Free Carrier (Incoterms) International Trade
FDA Food and Drug Administration (USA) Agencies
FEDEX Federal Express (Courier) Logistics
FEFO First Expiry First Out Logistics
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (USA) Agencies
FEU Forty-foot Equivalent Unit Logistics
FG Finished Goods Operations
FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations International Trade
FIFO First In, First Out Logistics
FLSA Fair Labour Standards Act (USA) Operations
FMA Failure Mode Analysis Operations
FMC Flexible Machine Centre Operations
FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis Operations
FMECA Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis Operations
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System Operations
FOB Free On Board (Incoterms) Logistics
FOQ Fixed Order Quantity Operations
FPO Firm Planned Order Operations
FRS Flexible Robotic Sortation Operations
FRT Future Reality Tree Management
FSA Food Standards Agency (UK) International Trade
FTC Federal Trade Commission (USA) Agencies
FTO Finish to Order Operations
FTP File Transfer Protocol Information Technology
FTZ Free Trade Zone International Trade
FTZ Foreign Trade Zone (USA) International Trade
G&A General and Administrative Expenses Accounting
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Accounting
GACAG Global Air Cargo Advisory Group Logistics
GAMP Generally Accepted Manufacturing Practices Operations
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade International Trade
GDP Gross Domestic Product Commerce
GDSS Group Decision Support System Management
GERT Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique Management
GHG Greenhouse Gas (Emissions) Green
GIPPER Governments Incorporating Procurement Policies to Eliminate Refuse Green
GL General Ledger Accounting
GM Gross Margin Accounting
GMROI Gross Margin Return on Investment Accounting
GMROII Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment Accounting
GMROII Gross Margin Return on Initial Investment Accounting
GNP Gross National Product Management
GP Gross Profit Accounting
GPS Global Positioning System Logistics
GRI Global Reporting Initiative Logistics
GSCF Global Supply Chain Forum International Trade
GSCM Green Supply Chain Management Green
GSF Global Shippers’ Forum International Trade
GST Goods and Services Tax (Canada) Commerce
GT Group Technology Operations
GUI Graphical User Interface Information Technology
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials Logistics
HLL High Level Language Information Technology
HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK) International Trade
HOQ House of Quality Operations
HOS Hours of Service (Automated) Management
HR Human Resources Management
HRPAO Human Resources Professionals Association ofOntario(Canada) Management
HSC Health & Safety Commission (UK) Agencies
HST Harmonized Sales Tax (Canada) Commerce
HTML Hypertext Mark-up Language Information Technology
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Information Technology
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Logistics
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service Information Technology
IATA International Air Traffic Authority Logistics
IATA International Air Transport Association Logistics
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization Logistics
ICC International Chamber of Commerce Agencies
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission Agencies
ICE Internal Combustion Engine Logistics
ICS Import Control System (UK) International Trade
IDC Inventory Driven Metrics Operations
IFB Invitation for Bid Operations
IFPSM International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management Associations
IIE InstituteofIndustrial Engineers(USA) Associations
ILO International Labour Organization (UN) Agencies
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Logistics
IMS Inventory Management System Operations
Incoterms International Commercial Terms International Trade
I/O Input / Output Control Operations
IPO Initial Public Offering Commerce
IS Information Systems Information Technology
ISCEA International Supply Chain EducationAlliance Associations
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network Information Technology
ISM Institute for Supply Management Associations
ITA Industrial Truck Association Associations
IWLA International Warehouse and Logistics Organization Associations
ISO International Organization for Standardization Agencies
ISO14001 Generic Environmental Management System Standard (ISO) Operations
ISO18000-6 IT Interface for RFID Devices (ISO) Operations
ISO2600:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility (ISO) Operations
ISO31000 Guidance on Risk Management (ISO) Operations
ISO9001 Generic Quality Management System Standard (ISO) Operations
ISO Guide 73:2009 Generic Term Related to Risk Management System (ISO) Operations
ISOPAS17712 Uniform Procedure for the Classification, Acceptance and Withdrawal of Acceptance of Mechanical Freight Container Seals Operations
ISP Internet Service Provider Information Technology
ISPM 15 International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (EU) International Trade
ISPS International Ship and Port Security International Trade
IT Information Technology Information Technology
ITAHC Intra-Trade Animal Health Certificate (UK) International Trade
ITF International Transport Forum Logistics
ITT Invitations to Tender Operations
ITX Independent Public Trade Exchange Commerce
IVR Industrial Virtual Reality Information Technology
J&A Justification and Approval to Limit Competition (USA) Commerce
JIT Just In Time Operations
JSA Joint Service Agreement Commerce
JV Joint Venture Commerce
JV Journal Voucher Accounting
K One Thousand Logistics
Kg Kilograms Logistics
KM Knowledge Management Management
Km Kilometres Logistics
KPI Key Performance Indicator Management
L Lead Time Duration Logistics
LAN Local Area Network Logistics
L/C Letter of Credit Commerce
LCL Less than Container Load Logistics
LCL Lower Control Limit (Statistical Process Control) Operations
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green
LEZ Low Emission Zone Logistics
LFD Late Finish Date (Project Management) Management
LIFO Last in, First Out Logistics
LIMIT LotSize Inventory Management Interpolation Technique Operations
LMS Labour Management System Operations
LSL Lower Specification Limit Operations
LTL Less than Truckload Logistics
LTPD Lot Tolerance Percent Defective Operations
MAD Mean Absolute Deviation (Statistics) Operations
MAPE Mean Absolute Percentage Error (Statistics) Operations
MAPI ManufacturersAlliancefor Productivity and Innovation (USA) Associations
MBO Management By Objectives Management
MBI Modular Building Institute (Canada) Associations
MES Manufacturing Execution System Operations
MHRA Medicines and Health Care Regulatory Agency (UK) Agencies
MIS Management Information System Information Technology
MM&D Materials Management & Distribution Magazine (Canada) Logistics
MNC Multinational Corporation Commerce
MPC Manufacturing Planning and Control System Operations
MPS Master Production Schedule Operations
MPW Mobile Powered Workstation Logistics
MRO Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies Operations
MRP Materials Requirements Planning Operations
MRPII Manufacturing Resources Planning Operations
MS Master Scheduling Operations
MSSC Manufacturing Skills Standards Council Agencies
MSE Mean Square Error (Statistics) Operations
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures Operations
MTO Make to Order Operations
MTS Make to Stock Operations
MTTR Mean Time To Repair Operations
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement International Trade
NAPM National Association of Purchasing Managers (USA) – see ISM Associations
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA) Associations
NAV Net Asset Value Accounting
NAV Navigation Logistics
NAVCAN NavigationCanada(Canada) Agencies
NES National Export System (UK) International Trade
NGO Non-governmental Organization Logistics
NLP Next Level Purchasing (USAand Global) Associations
NOPAT Net Operating Profit After Taxes Accounting
NRC National Research Council (Canada) Agencies
NVOCC Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier Logistics
OCR Optical Character Recognition Operations
OD Organizational Development Management
ODD (Earliest) Operation Due Date Operations
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Agencies
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer Operations
OHS Occupational Health and Safety (Canada) Operations
OIPMAC Ontario Institute Purchasing Management Association ofCanada Associations
OJT On The Job Training Management
OLAP On Line Analytical Processing Information Technology
OLTP On Line Transactional Processing Information Technology
ONS On Line Naming System Information Technology
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries International Trade
OS Operating System Information Technology
OS&D Over, Short and Damaged Logistics
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (USA) Agencies
OSRA Ocean Shipping Reform Act (USA) Logistics
OTB Open to Buy Operations
OTED One Touch Exchange of Die Operations
OTIF On Time In Full Operations
P2P Peer to Peer Operations
P&L Profit and Loss Accounting
PaaS Platform as a Service Information Technology
PAB Projected Available Balance Operations
PAC Production Activity Control Operations
PARS Pre-Arrival Review System (Canada) International Trade
PAS Publicly Available Specifications Operations
PC Personal Computer Information Technology
PCDM Product Content Data Management Operations
PDA Personal Digital Assistant Information Technology
PDCA Plan Do Check Act (Quality Management) Operations
PDM Product Data Management Operations
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique Operations
PETS Pet Travel Scheme (UK) International Trade
PIF PacificIslandsForum International Trade
PIP Partners in Protection (Canada) International Trade
PLC Product Life Cycle Operations
PLog Professional in Logistics (Canada) Professional Accreditation
PMAC Purchasing Management Association ofCanada Associations
PMI Purchasing Managers Index Operations
PO Purchase Order Operations
POP Point of Purchase Operations
POS Point of Sale Operations
PPB Part Period Balancing Operations
PRT Pre Requisite Tree Operations
PTF Planning Time Fence Operations
PTP Profitable to Promise Operations
QA Quality Assurance Operations
QA Quality Agreement Operations
QC Quality Control Operations
QCD Quality Cost Deployment Operations
QFD Quality Function Deployment Operations
QOS Quality of Service Operations
QR Quick Response Operations
QRP Quick Response Program Operations
R&D Research and Development Operations
RAM Random Access Memory Information Technology
RCC Retail Council ofCanada Associations
RCCP Rough Cut Capacity Planning Operations
RDT Radio Data Terminal Information Technology
REVLOG Reverse Logistics Logistics
RF Radio Frequency Logistics
RFID Radio Frequency Identification Logistics
RFP Request for Proposal Operations
RFQ Request for Quotation Operations
RMA Return Material Authorization Operations
ROA Return on Assets Accounting
ROE Return on Owners Equity Accounting
RoHS Restrictions on Hazardous Substances Logistics
ROI Return on Investment Accounting
ROII Return on Inventory Investment Accounting
ROII Return on Initial Investment Accounting
ROIC Return on Invested Capital Accounting
ROMI Return on Marketing Investment Accounting
RP Resource Planning Operations
S&OP Sales and Operations Planning Management
S&P Standard and Poors Commerce
S&T Science and Technology Directorate Agencies
SA 8000 International Standard for Social Accountability Operations
Saas Software as a Service Information Technology
SAM Sustainable Asset Management Green
SAP Systems Analysis and Product (ERP Software Brand) Information Technology
SBQ Standard Batch Quality Operations
SBT Scan-Based Trading Commerce
SBU Strategic Business Unit Management
SC Supply Chain Operations
SCC Supply Chain Council Associations
SCEM Supply Chain Event Management Operations
SCES Supply Chain Execution System Operations
SCL Supply Chain and Logistics Association ofCanada Associations
SCM Supply Chain Management Operations
SCMC Supply Chain Management Costs Operations
SCMLP Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program (PMACCanada) Professional Accreditation
SCMP Supply Chain Management Professional (PMACCanada) Professional Accreditation
SCP Supply Chain Planning Operations
SCPM Supply Chain Process Management Operations
SCRM Supply Chain Risk Management Operations
SCOR Supply Chain Operations Reference Model Operations
SCV Supply Chain Visibility Operations
SD Standard Deviation (Statistics) Operations
SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle Information Technology
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission (USA) Commerce
SED Shippers Export Declaration International Trade
SET Secure Electronic Transaction Information Technology
SF Safety Factor Operations
SFA Sales Force Automation Management
SG&A Selling, General, and Administrative (Expenses) Accounting
SIOP Sales Inventory and Operations Planning Management
SIPOC Supplier Input Process Output Customer Diagram Operations
SKU Stock Keeping Unit Operations
SME Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Management
SMED Single Minute Exchange of Dies Operations
SOA Service Oriented Architecture Operations
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol Information Technology
SOP Standard Operating Procedure Management
SOX Sarbanes Oxley Act (USA) Management
SPC Statistical Process Control (Quality) Operations
SPRS Supplier Performance Rating System Operations
SPSM Senior Professional in Supply Management (NLP Designation) Professional Accreditation
SQL Structured Query Language Information Technology
SRM Supplier Relationship Management Operations
SS Safety Stock Operations
SSCMLP Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program (Canada– PMAC) Associations
STB Surface Transportation Board (USA) Agencies
STP Secure Trade Partnership (Singapore) International Trade
SV Schedule Variance Operations
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats Management
T Time (interval between periods) Operations
TBL Triple Bottom Line Green
TCO Total Cost of Ownership Accounting
T&E Travel and Entertainment (Expense) Accounting
TEU Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit (Intermodal Shipping Container) Logistics
TIACA The International Air Cargo Association Logistics
TL Truck Load (or Trailer Load) Logistics
TMS Transportation Management System Logistics
TPP Trans Pacific Pact International Trade
TOC Theory of Constraints (Eli Goldratt) Operations
TOFC Trailer on Flat Car Logistics
TPM Total Productive Maintenance Operations
TPOP Time Phased Order Point Operations
TPS Total Production System (Japan) Operations
TQE Total Quality Engineering Operations
TQM Total Quality Management Operations
TS Tracking Signal Operations
TSCMC Total Supply Chain Management Costs Accounting
UAW United Auto Workers Union (USA) Associations
UCC Uniform Code Council Associations
UCL Upper Control Limit (Statistical Process Control) Operations
UDE Undesirable Effect Management
UKBA United Kingdom Border Agency (UK) International Trade
UN United Nations International Trade
UNASUR Unionof South American Nations International Trade
UNGC United Nations Global Compact International Trade
UNRTDG United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods International Trade
UPC Universal Product Code Operations
UPS United Parcel Services Logistics
URL Uniform Resource Locator Information Technology
USDA United StatesFood and Drug Administration Operations
USITC United StatesInternational Trade Commission International Trade
USPS United StatesPostal Service Logistics
VAN Value-Added Network Logistics
VAR Value at Risk Operations
VAS Value-Added (Logistics) Services Logistics
VAT Value Added Tax Commerce
VBM Value-Based Management Management
VI Vertical Integration Operations
VICS Voluntary Inter-industry Commerce Standards Association
VILRI VICS Item Level RFID Initiative Operations
VMI Vendor Managed Inventory Operations
VMR Vendor Managed Replenishment Operations
VOC Voice of the Customer Operations
VOI Vendor Owned Inventory Operations
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol Information Technology
VPN Virtual Private Network Information Technology
VSM Value Stream Mapping Operations
W3C World Wide Web Consortium Information Technology
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital Accounting
WAN Wide Area Network Information Technology
Web-EDI Web Based Electronic Data Interchange Information Technology
WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EU) Green
WERC Warehousing Education and Research Council Associations
WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Operations
WIP Work in Process Operations
WMAPE Weighted Mean Absolute Percent Error (Statistics) Operations
WML Wireless Mark-up Language Information Technology
WMS Warehouse Management System Logistics
WTO World Trade Organization International Trade
WWW World Wide Web Information Technology
XML Extensible Markup Language Information Technology
XW Ex. Works (Incoterms) International Trade
YMS Yard Management System Logistics

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